5 Reasons To Attend Corporate Fight Night 12 this Friday

Corporate Fight Night, founded by Women’s Boxing HOFer Terri “The Boss” Moss, hosts high-end white collar charity boxing shows in the Atlanta area.  Founded in 2010, CFN prides itself on creating “black-tie black-eye affairs”, matching white-collar corporate folks (with fight aspirations) together inside the ring; usually for a good charity.  The organization looks for individuals that aspire to rise up through the corporate ladder while  at the same time raising their fists inside the square circle.

On October 21st, at the Georgia Aquarium, CFN hosts its twelfth show, the first of which that will have mixed martial arts included. The charity chosen for CFN 12 will be Charity: Water, an organization that provides water and water systems for those individuals and communities in need.

So, why should YOU go to CFN 12?  Here are five reasons.

1) Whole Lotta Fights –  If you want to see an event that will be NON-STOP fights.  Look no further.  CFN 12 has a fight card that includes nineteen total fights.   12 boxing, 5 MMA (including the main event), 1 kickboxing, and 1 muay thai.  This card is a fight fan’s dream!  Doors open at 5pm (first bell at 6pm).  Get there early if you want to see most of the MMA action.  Full fight card is here.

2) MMA Graces The Ring – For the first time ever at a Corporate Fight Night event, mixed martial arts will be included.  Even better, the main event will be MMA scrap, between Vee “OG” Johnson and Rakim Thorpe.

3) All Walks Of Life – Executive Chefs, Music Industry Execs, Teachers, Skydivers, IT Professionals, and Engineers are just some of the careers of the fighters on Friday’s CFN 12 card.  And many of these wanna-be pugilists are making their amateur debuts!  It will be interesting to see what these white-collar professionals are made of and which particular career-types have the most success inside the ring.  Who’s your pick?

4) Hooters Ring Card Girls – Do I really need to say anything else here?  

5) Captain Jack Sparrow?  – From CorporateFightNight.com’s website. “ACFN12 fans will be entertained with a swashbuckling  appearance by the most famous pirate of them all, Captain Jack Sparrow!  Pose with Captain Jack for cool photo op, hear about his wild and daring adventures at sea or share a rum toast to support your favorite competitor! Sparrow appears in the form of  of Atlanta based actor Jason Walker, who is the spitting image of actor Johnny Depp, and Atlanta’s best and most sought after Depp impersonator.”

Get your tickets ASAP here.  If you don’t get them online today, you’ll have to get them at the door (and the price will go up)!
AtlantaFights.com will be covering the weigh-ins (taking place at the Hard Rock Downtown (Velvet Underground) on Thursday and the actual fight on Friday evening (providing live updates throughout).

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