55-year-old, Todd Sentell, makes boxing debut at CFN 12

I’ve got to hand it to the fighters on the upcoming Corporate Fight Night card.  These aspiring amateur pugilists, many making their boxing debuts,  come from all walks of life and all ages on the spectrum.  There are teachers, sky-divers, chefs, music industry execs, and many more among those fighting next week, all eager to step into the ring and throw down.  CFN 12 takes place at the Georgia Aquarium on October 21st.

Sentell and trainer, Christian Steele, of Delgado Boxing

Todd Sentell, who currently heads up the Career Prep Program at Cumberland Academy, is a perfect example of a CFN 12 participant that has helped “broaden” the age spectrum.  At 55 years old, Sentell, will be the oldest fighter on a card that has thirty-eight participants!

Normally I would throw in a “seniors discount” joke in here somewhere.  But, it’s probably wise not to mess with somebody that likes punching stuff. Although CFN 12 will be Sentell’s debut , interestingly enough, he plans on continuing his amateur boxing career after this initial fight.

Todd Sentell and some of his students

AtlantaFights.com had a chance to a learn a little more about Todd Sentell this week.  Check it out.

AtlantaFights.com: What do you do for a living?
Todd Sentell: I’m the head of the Career Prep Program at Cumberland Academy of Georgia in Sandy Springs, a small, boutique, special education school for students in grades 4 to 12. I also teach one academic class in the high school, American literature. I’m in my eleventh year of exclusively teaching special education students in the Atlanta area. Before my exciting career change I was the long-time director of sales and marketing of The Golf Club of Georgia in Alpharetta.
AtlantaFights.com: Why did you decide to jump into the ring?
Todd Sentell: I believe in having super huge creative hobbies and athletic interests outside of work, and boxing has always deeply interested me, as well as my folk art and book writing. I’ve published three books … two novels and a teaching memoir … since 2007. I began training at the Alpharetta Police Athletic League in 2005 and have never stopped training with a trainer or on my own in a storage garage where I have a heavy bag that takes a pretty good beating! I’ve also finished thirteen marathons in seven different states, beginning in 2003. I’m pretty proud that I’m the oldest boxer in the event again this year, at 55!
AtlantaFights.com: What sort of experience in the ring do you have?  Have you had other fights?
Todd Sentell: Over the years I’ve sparred quite a bit with all kinds of boxers: pro, rising pro, and experienced amateurs. I participated in Corporate Fight Night 10, last November, but the night before the event my opponent’s mother passed away and he couldn’t participate, of course. I was awarded by USA Boxing what’s called a “walkover” win. Technically, as a masters-level amateur, I’m 1-0, and since this isn’t a bucket list journey for me, I plan to continue fighting in amateur events in the coming months and years. I’m pretty serious about becoming great at this, especially in my old age!
AtlantaFights.com: What do your fellow teachers think of what you’re doing?
Todd Sentell: They think it’s pretty cool stuff, but would never, ever embark on the journey themselves!
AtlantaFights.com: What does your family think about you jumping into the ring?
Todd Sentell: My parents have no idea how deeply I’m immersed in the sport! My father was an all-state high school basketball player at Campbell in Smyrna, and appreciates the athletic lifestyle, however. They appreciate, though, that I’m super fit and healthy all the time. All they know is that I work out and run quite a bit!
AtlantaFights.com:  What do you consider your fighting style?
Todd Sentell: Very traditional. I’ve been a long-time admirer of the style of Micky Ward and Canelo Alvarez.
AtlantaFights.com:  Do you have multiple trainers or do you have just one person that’s helping you out?
Todd Sentell: I have one trainer, and I’m pleased to say it’s Christian Steele, a retired professional, and he’s enormously helpful and encouraging. I’m a member of Delgado Boxing in Sandy Springs and train and spar and work out there nearly every day the club is open. I really appreciate the camaraderie there.
AtlantaFights.com: What do you make of your opponent?
Todd Sentell: My opponent is Geoffrey Robbins, and I know he’s 49 years old. I’ve met and talked to Geoffrey at the CFN press conference and at the photo shoot. I know he’s a great guy, but don’t know a darn thing about his fighting style, although I know he’s a CFN veteran. In a way that’s good for me, because that forces me to train and plan for any and all boxing scenarios, which I’ve been doing at a highly intense level.
AtlantaFights.com:  Are you going to have a strategy for Geoffrey?
Todd Sentell: Yes … you always have a plan for any sparring or for any match. But I can’t tell you here, because Geoffrey might be reading this interview! Just kidding. I plan to box … and I’m sure he does, too … and that means you mix in fighting offense and defense and quickness and strategy every second of the round. Every second. No matter how exhausted you might get. It’s no more complicated than that. You’re up there, in an amateur match, to score points through skill and thinking, not to knock the guy out.
AtlantaFights.com:  What should fans expect out of you on October 21st?
Todd Sentell: They’ll see two, super fit, middle-aged guys up there who enjoy the sport and what it does to improve your body and mind. They’ll be inspired. They’ll be rewarded with probably the best match of the night!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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