NFC 86: Another impressive show by National Fighting Championship

National Fighting Championship (NFC), based out of the Atlanta area, is a premier MMA promotion in the Southeast of the United States.  Formed in 2002, the organization has been putting butts in seats at their events for quite some time now.

Last Saturday night was no different for the NFC who hosted their 86th event at a packed Center Stage venue.  The event showcased a 10-fight card that include MMA, Muay Thai, and grappling.  The main event was a welterweight title fight between Champion Dave Vitkay and Jared Gooden.

If you haven’t experienced an NFC show and you are into MMA or any sort of combat sports, I would highly recommend getting to an upcoming event, especially if they keep the show at Center Stage.  To me, it’s the perfect-sized venue for a regional fight show.  There’s not a bad seat in the house.  You’re right on top of the action regardless of your vantage point.  And, the acoustics/crowd noise makes for an intense fan experience.  If you spend a little bit extra you can even buy VIP table seats that put you on the actual stage for some of the best views of the cage.

As for the production value of the show; I was quite impressed with that as well.  The first fight started at 8:30pm and the last fight ended around 11:30pm.  The event had a very steady pace and didn’t seem rushed nor where there dull moments.  The announcing was solid and fighter intros were quick and to the point.   Overall, it’s clear that this was not this promotion’s first rodeo.  It was a well put together event that is well worth the money to any MMA fan.

When it comes to the matchmaking / fight card itself, I was again impressed by the NFC’s choices.  I really can’t think of a fight that I was overly disappointed with.  Each bout was exciting and maintained the action throughout.   Each of these fighters were hungry and were, no doubt, looking for finishes.  In my opinion, the co-main event had my vote for Fight of the Night honors.

Again, if you are a die-hard MMA fan in the ATL, get to an NFC show ASAP.  Their next event, NFC 87, will take place on September 30th, at Center Stage Atlanta.  Go to for more information.  Tickets can be purchased here.

NFC 86 Fight Card Results: 

  • Mason Sheats (148) vs Rakim Thorpe (149): Thorpe wins 29-27 by all judges

  • Laguna Davis (171) vs John Lutz (174): Davis wins via TKO

  • Sean Kilgus vs Quentin Rosenzweig (Grappling Only): Rosenzweig gets the heel hook submission in 38 seconds. On to the Eddie Bravo Invitational for Rosenzweig on September 11th.

  • JB Hopkins (163) vs AJ Weatherby (164): Hopkins via unanimous decision.

  • Zach Wolf (136) vs Austin Childers (137): Wolf wins via unanimous decision.

  • Brandon Longano (156) vs Robert Patakfalvi (154): Longano via RNC submission in round two.

  • Luke Neyland (147) vs Jaral Bowman (145): Bowman wins via unanimous decision.

  • Aaron Conway (193) vs Jeremy Wallace (196): Wallace wins via TKO in the second round.

  • Wesley Barnes (156) vs Joe Elmore (159) Co-main Event: Barnes wins via unanimous decision.

  • Jared Gooden (170) vs Champ Dave Vitkay (171) Main Event – Welterweight Championship: Vitkay wins via unanimous decision and remains NFC welterweight champion live updates from NFC 86 are here.



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