NFC 86 Live Updates


Atlanta Fights will be providing live updates throughout the night.

Fights start at 8pm

7:15pm – Doors are open.



Mason Sheets (148) vs Rakim Thorpe (149):


R1: Good kicks early by Sheets, but Thorpe controlling from the ground and clinch. Round ends with Thorpe dropping Sheets with overhand right.

R2:  Thorpe outstriking with good GNP and the clinch, but less action in round.

R3: Sheets gets his first TD in the fight and ends up in mount.  After a barrage of body shots, Sheets goes for the armbar and loses position.  Thorpe ends up on top at the end of the round.

Decision: Thorpe wins 29-27 by all judges

Laguna Davis (171) vs John Lutz (174):


R1: Good jabs by Davis. Definitely the quicker fighter. Excellent combinations.

R2:  Good exchanges early. Vicious knees by Davis puts Lutz to the floor. Lutz gets back up and Davis returns to the onslaught. Davis just too much for the 45-year old Lutz.

R3:  Davis continues pushing forward with knees and punches. A couple knees to the body drops Lutz once again.  This time Lutz stays down.

Decision: Lutz wins via TKO

Sean Kilgus (TBD) vs Quentin Rosenzweig (TBD): Grappling only


R1: Both fighters scrambling and end up dueling for leg submissions, but Rosenzweig gets the tap.

Decision:  Rosenzweig gets the heel hook submission in 38 seconds. On to the Eddie Bravo Invitational for Rosenzweig on September 11th.

JB Hopkins (163) vs AJ Weatherby (164):


R1:  Weatherby having success early. Hopkins picks up the pace late. Pretty even round with lots of action.

R2: Hopkins is the aggressor in this round.  Winning the clinch exchanges.  Much better round for Hopkins.

R3:  Could be the deciding round. Hopkins is man-handling the longer fighter, Weatherby. Both fighters slowing.

Decision:  Hopkins via unanimous decision.

Zach Wolf (136) vs Austin Childers (137):


R1:  Wolf having success with kicks early. Wolf is maintaining a dominant position against the fence for about a minute before getting the TD.

R2:  Wolf continues pressure against the cage. No answer from Childers so far. Very little striking / damage done by wolf but winning the grappling/clinch battle. Childers locks in an armbar late, but Wolf is saved by the bell.

R3:  Childers tries to exchange but Wolf is winning the grappling exchanges. Wolf gets another TD.  Late kimura attempt by Childers, but Wolf defends.  Wolf ends round ontop issuing some ground and pound.

Decision: Wolf wins via unanimous decision.

Brandon Longano (156) vs Robert Patakfalvi (154):


R1:  Quick early exchange on the feet. Patakfalvi gets the TD. Doctor comes in to assess a cut over Longano’s left eye.  Good to go.  Patakfalvi maintains top position, but Longano stays aggressive with submission attempts. Patakfalvi defends.

R2:  Patakfalvi wins striking exchange early. Longano locks in a guillotine.  Patakfalvi escapes and maintains top position. Longano getting the better of Patakfalvi in striking exchanges midway through.  Leads to  Longano TD.  Longano secures an RNC and taps Patakfalvi.

Decision:  Longano via RNC submission in round two.


Luke Neyland (147) vs Jaral Bowman (145):


R1:  Nut shot to start things off. Even in early exchanges. Bowman has the better combos. Neyland showing the better kicks. Very little clinching in the round.  Tough one to score.

R2: Neyland comes out much more aggressive; staggers Bowman. Bowman recovers and wins several exchanges midway through. Bowman staggers Neyland. Another tough one to score.

R3: Bowman comes out the aggressor. Bowman winning the round midway through with more damage. Neyland on his heels as the round nears the end.

Decision: Bowman wins vis unanimous decision.

Aaron Conway (193) vs Jeremy Wallace (196):


R1:  Conway immediately gets the TD into side guard, then to the back. Conway attemps an RNC, but Wallace scrambles out. Conway gets Wallace back to the ground. A kimura attempt allows Conway to get into mount. Another scramble. Wallace winning the striking exchanges late.

R2:  Wallace gets the TD to start. Conway attempts a kimura, but Wallace defends. Wallace stays in ground n pound mode the whole round. A barrage of strikes by Wallace stops the fight.

Decision:  Wallace wins via TKO in the second round.


Wesley Barnes (156) vs Joe Elmore (159) Co-main Event:

R1: Elmore starts off with a flying knee. Barnes clinches. Elmore brawling with power whereas Barnes looks like a Muay Thai technician. Elmore drags him to the ground and gets his back and attempts an RNC. They scramble and then Barnes gets Elmore’s back. Good fight. Barnes winning late with clinchwork. One final takedown to end the round for Barnes.

R2: Barnes gets it to the fence quickly. Muay Thai clinic so far. Elmore looks tired. Elmore turtles up and Barnes gets the back. They scramble. Elmore is fighting back but can’t break from the fence.

R3: Back to the fence for more Muay Thai for Barnes. Elmore connecting with powerful overhands late.  Both are winging punches. Back and forth to end the round.  Could be fight of the night.

Decision: Barnes wins via unanimous decision.

Jared Gooden (170) vs Dave Vitkay (171) Main Event – Welterweight Championship:

R1:  A scramble to start. Gooden get the back and goes for RNC. Vitkay sweeps and gets top position.  Ground n pound ensues. Vitkay picks up and slams Gooden. A kimura and guillotine attempt by Vitkay. Vitkay loses a point for kick to grounded opponent.

R2: Gooden pressures Vitkay against cage and gets the TD.  Vitkay gets TD in a scramble. Power slam by Vitkay.  Ground n pound by Vitkay to end the round.

R3:  Gooden gets top position in a scramble to open round. Vitkay reverses position.  Fighters stood up.  They exchange. Back and forth battle. Vitkay gets the TD late. Vitkay powerslams Gooden as round and fight ends.

Decision: Vitkay wins via unanimous decision and remains NFC welterweight champion



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