NFC makes an acquisition, purchases USFFC out of the Carolinas

According to the NFC, the organization has purchased US Freedom Fighter Championship (USFFC) out of the Carolina’s as of December 20th.

It is not clear at this time whether the NFC will dissolve the USFFC brand or attempt to promote both the NFC and USFFC independently.  A recent booking by the NFC for NFC 93 to take place on April 8th in Greenville, South Carolina suggests to me that the USFFC will be no more.  Stay tuned on that front.

The good news is that the NFC will gain a larger pool of fighters for their events, which means the talent level performing at the shows will likely rise.  Hopefully they focus more on MMA and professionals versus amateurs.  And more importantly, as the NFC gains a larger portion of the “MMA geography”, the more substantial they will be from a “Regional Show” standpoint.  Being a solid regional show like Legacy Fights, means the fighters within the NFC will have a more credible path to the national promotions like the UFC and Bellator.

Here are the official statements by both promotion’s Facebook pages.


Yesterday the NFC bought the USFFC, the #1 fight promotion company in South Carolina. Since 2002, the NFC has been the #1 fight promotion in Georgia and now they’re both under one umbrella, NFC. Thanks to Scott Price for trusting that the NFC will come into South Carolina and do well and keep the fighters busy (which was his main goal). This will be fun, open up opportunities for Georgia and South Carolina fighters and pit the NFC champs vs the USFFC champs.


The USFFC has been purchased by Atlanta’s Powerhouse Promotion the NFC!

With a combined total of 120+ Events, this acquisition will most certainly raise the needle in the southeastern Mixed Martial Arts scene!

First show is Saturday, April 8 at the TD Convention Center in Greenville!

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