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Corporate Fight Night 12: Weigh-ins (Photo Gallery)

It was a packed house at the Hard Rock Cafe – Velvet Underground Room on Thursday as ALL 38 CFN 12 fighters took the stage to meet the fans and square off against their opponent one last time.

CFN 12 takes place on Friday, October 21st at the Georgia Aquarium (Doors open at 5pm).

Check out the photos from Thursday’s event.

Hudson Woody hopes to remain undefeated at Corporate Fight Night 12

Hudson “Lights Out” Woody with the right cross

Hudson “Lights Out” Woody is 21 years old and a sales rep at FAE Group.  After going through some trying times, “Lights Out” has used both boxing and his faith in God to make positive impacts on his life.

Woody, who is 1-0 in his amateur boxing career, takes on Gary McGowan at Corporate Fight Night 12 on October 21st at the Georgia Aquarium.


AtlantaFights.com had a chance to learn a little more about the undefeated fighter this week.  Check out our interview with Hudson “Lights Out” Woody!

AtlantaFights.com: What do you do for a living?
Woody:  I am a Sales Rep at FAE. FAE Group is a world leader in the design and construction of professional machinery for road construction, agricultural and forestry applications.
AtlantaFights.com: Why did you decide to jump into the ring?
Woody:  I got into boxing when I was going through a really hard time in my life. God brought boxing into my life as a positive outlet to get closer to Him and strengthen my relationship with Christ.
AtlantaFights.com: What sort of experience in the ring do you have?  Have you had other fights?
Woody:  I have some experience in training, however as far as experience in the ring, I currently only have one fight under my belt and it was at a previous ACFN event. I won that fight so I am currently 1-0.
AtlantaFights.com: What do your fellow co-workers think of what you’re doing?
Woody: I work with a bunch of guys in a warehouse so they think its GREAT! They are supporting me all the way and are excited for me to get another win.
AtlantaFights.com: What does your family think about you jumping into the ring?
Woody:  My family couldn’t be happier. Than have seen first hand what a positive impact boxing has had on my life in the past couple of years. They are my biggest supports and I couldn’t even do it without my parents, and my beautiful girlfriend.
AtlantaFights.com:  What do you consider your fighting style?
Woody: I wouldn’t really put my fighting style into any specific category. My style is training hard and putting everything I have into the fight. I go out there and do the best I can and do what I have to do. Win or lose, I have God on my team, so nothing can really stop me.
AtlantaFights.com:  Do you have multiple trainers or do you have just one person that’s helping you out?
Woody:  For my last fight, I trained under Terri [Moss], at Buckhead Fight Club. However, due to my new job and new hours/location, I am unable to make it down to Buckhead to train with her. I am currently training at Legacy Fight Club located in Buford, GA.
AtlantaFights.com: What do you make of your opponent?
Woody:  I don’t know much about him (Gary McGowan), but he seems like a nice guy. I am really thankful for him stepping up and getting in the ring with me. Without him, I would have no opponent so I wouldn’t even be fighting.
AtlantaFights.com:  Are you going to have a strategy for McGowan?
Woody:  I guess I would have to reiterate and say that training hard and put my all into this fight is my strategy. There’s no better feeling that knowing you did all you could in preparation to the fight.
AtlantaFights.com:  What should fans expect out of you on October 21st?
Woody:  The fans should definitely expect an exciting fight. I know I am going to bring a lot to the table and I expect nothing less from my opponent. I’m super stoked about it.

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