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NFC 90 – Live Results – Fights Start at 8pm

AtlantaFights.com will be onsite at Electric Cowboy (in Kennesaw) for tonight’s NFC show.

Doors open at 7pm and fights should start at 8pm.

Annie Decrescente vs Alexa Conners (Main Event): Conners gets the  UD win in the final fight of the night

Zac Cooper vs Rusty Crowder: Crowder wins via UD and is now the new NFC Bantamweight Champion

Nick Poythress vs Amir Dadovic: Dadovic wins via 2nd round RNC

Kobe Wall vs Luke Neyland: Wall wins via 3rd round TKO

Brandon Longano vs Warren Smith: Longano wins via 3rd round TKO

Chris Cain vs Gui Cury: Curry wins via 1st round RNC

Jose Medrano vs Zach Wolf: Wolf wins via UD and retains NFC GA Bantamweight Title

Romondo Scott vs Walter Flores: Scott’s corner throws in the towel. Flores gets the win

Brent Merkl vs Joe Gibson: Merkl wins via 2nd round TKO

Nick Geoffrion vs Adnan Ibrahimovic: Fight scratched

Lydia Snyder vs Nicole Shepard: Shepard wins via UD

Nick Brandon vs Alex Cardines: Fight scratched

Josh Marer vs Damien Whitehead: Marer gets the armbar submission in the 3rd.  Finally a finish in what has been a pretty rough show to watch so far.  Hopefully this fight sets the stage for the rest of the evening

Mike Wilson vs Oscar Matusaki: Matusaki wins via split decision

Jamark Cooper vs Michael Williams: Cooper gets the UD win

Mario Villa vs Aaron Heard: Heard wins via split decision

NFC 90 – Official Fight Card Posted

NFC 90 takes place on January 20th at Electric Cowboy in Kennesaw.

Here’s the official fight card:

Annie Decrescente vs Alexa Conners (Main Event)

Zac Cooper vs Rusty Crowder

Nick Poythress vs Amir Dadovic

Kobe Wall vs Luke Neyland

Brandon Longano vs Warren Smith

Chris Cain vs Gui Cury

Jose Medrano vs Zach Wolf

Romondo Scott vs Walter Flores

Brent Merkl vs Joe Gibson

Nick Geoffrion vs Adnan Ibrahimovic

Lydia Snyder vs Nicole Shepard

Nick Brandon vs Alex Cardines

Josh Marer vs Damien Whitehead

Mike Wilson vs Oscar Matusaki

Jamark Cooper vs Michael Williams

Mario Villa vs Aaron Heard

National Fighting Championship heads back to Kennesaw in January

National Fighting Championship’s 90th event will take place on January 20, 2017 at the Electric Cowboy in Kennesaw, GA.  The Electric Cowboy has been a previous venue of choice for the NFC.

I’m a little disappointed the NFC is downgrading their venue and I hope this is only a temporary measure.  Center Stage was a great location for a regional MMA show such as the NFC.  The vantage points were never as good at the Electric Cowboy.

The good news is that the tickets to get into the show are much cheaper.  General admission prices are going for $17.00 at the moment.

You can get your tickets now by going here.

No main event or headliner has been identified for the show.  AtlantaFights.com will provide an update as soon at the fight card is published.