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NFC 92 Fight Card Announced

NFC 92 takes place on March 24, 2017 at Electric Cowboy in Kennesaw.  This looks to be a VERY good fight card, headed up by two title scraps to end the show.  Vitkay always makes for a very entertaining fight.

Dave Vitkay, Bellator MMA

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Here’s the latest fight card information:

Dave Vitkay vs Jeremie Hitem Holloway (For Pro Welterweight Belt)

Brandon Longano vs Wesley Barnes (For Vacant Pro Lightweight Belt)

Cody Linder vs Anthony Lopez

Charlie Short vs Brandon Garner

Shaheerah Savannah vs Brande Adams

Leanna Racine vs Alex Williams

John Rehm vs Dalton Domangue

Marcus Leach vs DeAngelo Travis

Dylan Cook vs John Gardner

Jose L Medrano and Romondo Scott

Darius Napier vs Walter Flores

Koyya Russell vs Quintus Darius Maximus

Eli Wynter vs Tresean Gore

DayTroy Lyons-Lee vs Josh Blyden

Devante Sewell vs Dee Melton


Back to Center Stage for NFC 91

Shortly after announcing that they have acquired USFFC,  a promotion out of South Carolina, the NFC has confirmed their February show details as well.

NFC 91 will take place on February 18, 2017 at Center Stage Atlanta.  Center Stage has been the primary venue for the promotion throughout 2016, but the NFC will kick off the new year in an old haunt, Electric Cowboy out of Kennesaw.  Luckily the Kennesaw venue (not suited for MMA events IMHO) looks not to be a permanent choice as the NFC’s very next show back in Midtown.

The NFC also tentatively identified NFC 92 as taking place in March at an unknown venue.  More to come there.

I’ll provide updates on the fight cards for NFC 90-92 as the details become available.

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