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Corporate Fight Night 12: Weigh-ins (Photo Gallery)

It was a packed house at the Hard Rock Cafe – Velvet Underground Room on Thursday as ALL 38 CFN 12 fighters took the stage to meet the fans and square off against their opponent one last time.

CFN 12 takes place on Friday, October 21st at the Georgia Aquarium (Doors open at 5pm).

Check out the photos from Thursday’s event.

Troy Von Otnott, former Army kickboxer, to channel Bruce Lee at CFN 12?

Troy Von Otnott

AtlantaFights.com had a chance to play the Q&A game with Corporate Fight Night fighter, Troy Von Otnott, ahead of his CFN 12 bout on October 21st at the Georgia Aquarium.  With previous combat sports experience , Von Otnott appears to be a force to be reckoned with.  His opponent, Brian Mize, will certainly have his hands full next Friday.  It’s clear to me, that the Army vet will be ALL business inside the ring.  Should be a good fight!

AtlantaFights.com: What do you do for a living?
Von Otnott:  I work with Georgia Tech’s Research Institute helping to commercialize their advanced clean energy technologies.  I also recently started a new clean energy development company that works with Native American Tribes to create utility-scale clean energy projects.
AtlantaFights.com: Why did you decide to jump into the ring?
Von Otnott:  My friend, Preston Haliburton, convinced me to participate in this event.
AtlantaFights.com: What sort of experience in the ring do you have?  Have you had other fights?
Von Otnott:  30 years ago, I was a part of the U.S. Army kickboxing team out of Fort Polk, Louisiana.  We travelled to other military branch bases and fought against the Marines, Air Force and Navy.  I fought in six fights and was 5-1, The one guy I lost to was a 2nd Degree Black Belt, so that was definitely a painful learning experience for me.  A broken nose will teach you how to duck.
AtlantaFights.com: What do your fellow co-workers think of what you’re doing?
Von Otnott: Everyone thinks this is an awesome event, especially considering that it supports a great charitable cause like Charity Water.
AtlantaFights.com: What does your family think about you jumping into the ring?
Von Otnott:  Well, my Mom actually hates the idea.  She said I have been getting into fights my whole life and it’s time to give it a rest. Which is exactly what I plan to do; win, lose or draw, this is my last fight.  I’m hoping to retire undefeated like Floyd Mayweather.
AtlantaFights.com:  What do you consider your fighting style?
Von Otnott: I would say my fighting style will get determined in the ring based upon my opponent.  If he’s aggressive, I’ll counter, if he’s laid back and taking it too easy, I’ll bring the fight to him.  Bruce Lee once said, “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”
AtlantaFights.com:  Do you have multiple trainers or do you have just one person that’s helping you out?
Von Otnott:  I’ve been primarily training with Preston Haliburton and my friend Dr. Mark McKenna.  It’s been interesting training with a much larger guy who is a professional boxer and a smaller guy who has speed and elusiveness.
AtlantaFights.com: What do you make of your opponent?
Von Otnott:  He seems like a great guy but I’m sure when we get into the ring, he’s going to try taking my head off, so I have to be ready for anything.  I want him to know that no matter what happens when we’re in the ring, it’s just business.  After the fight, I’m sure we’ll be good friends.  I was always taught to respect my opponent, not fear him.  I live by that motto.
AtlantaFights.com:  Are you going to have a strategy for Brian?
Von Otnott:  You’ll see it Friday night.
AtlantaFights.com:  What should fans expect out of you on October 21st?
Von Otnott:  Speed, power, tenacity and sportsmanship.

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