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Corporate Fight Night 12: Weigh-ins (Photo Gallery)

It was a packed house at the Hard Rock Cafe – Velvet Underground Room on Thursday as ALL 38 CFN 12 fighters took the stage to meet the fans and square off against their opponent one last time.

CFN 12 takes place on Friday, October 21st at the Georgia Aquarium (Doors open at 5pm).

Check out the photos from Thursday’s event.

Corporate Fight Night 12 – Permission to beat up your co-workers?

Have you ever wanted take one of your co-workers out to the woodshed and show them a thing or two?  C’mon you know there is at least ONE person in your career that deserved a stiff jab to the nose or an overhand right to the jaw leaving them lying unconscious on the ground in a pool of their own blood?

Well, if you wanted to obtain that sensation for real (while not getting fired) you can always become a fighter for Corporate Fight Night (CFN).  The Atlanta-based promotion, is owned by former boxer, Terri Moss, who was recently inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame (along side Laila Ali and others).  Moss “The Boss” serves as the chairman of women’s boxing for the Champions of Dignity Association (CODA) which financially supports the Retired Boxer’s Foundation (RBF) and in 2012 she was designated as a coordinator for the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF) and the Global Boxing Union (GBU) where she assists in sanctioning and supervising for men’s (GBU) and women’s (WIBF & GBU) world championship fights.  She’s also the owner of Buckhead Fight Club.

Terri Moss speaking to the crowd at the CFN 12 press conference
Terri Moss speaking to the crowd at the CFN 12 press conference

Founded in 2010, CFN prides itself on creating “black-tie black-eye affairs”, matching white-collar corporate folks with fight aspirations together inside the ring; usually for a good charity.  The organization looks for individuals that aspire to rise up through the corporate ladder while  at the same time raising their fists inside the square circle.

On October 21, CFN (as it has done for over the last 6 years) will be hosting a high-end white collar charity boxing show.  CFN 12, will take place at the Georgia Aquarium and will showcase thirteen boxing , muay thai, and MMA bouts.  The main event will be an MMA bout headlined by a music industry professional, V. Anthony Johnson.  His opponent is still to be determined. The charity chosen for CFN 12 will be Charity: Water, an organization that provides water and water systems for those individuals and communities in need.

A press conference for the October show was held on Aug 31 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Atlanta.   The event provided the public with a first glimpse of the white-collar pugilists that will soon be throwing down. The shindig, which was emceed by Vince “The Voice” Bailey, was a lively showcase of each fighter on the card.   See a quick introduction of each fighter below.

Fighters participating in CFN 12
Fighters participating in CFN 12

If you want more info about the organization, (whether that’s to attend an event, to become a sponsor, or to become a fighter) go to www.corporatefightnight.com to get the deets.

Look for upcoming profiles on such fighters as V. Anthony Johnson, Gregg “The Brick” Brickman, and Ed “The Rainmaker” McAlexander (and others).

Click here for a photo gallery of the press conference.

Fighter Intros:            

V. Anthony Johnson:  Johnson will serve as the main event against an opponent to be determined.  He’s a music industry professional in the ATL and will be fighting an MMA bout at 155 lbs.  “I’m gonna come fight” he said at the press conference.

Roberto “Chino” Escalante:  Chino, 32 years old, has been boxing for 2 years and currently trains at Buckhead Fight Club.  The Mexico-born fighter currently works in construction.  Escalante has been in previous CFN shows.  He kept it short and simple at the press conference with “I love boxing.”  He does not have an identified opponent for him yet, but it will likely be a kickboxing or Muay Thai bout.

“Vicious” Victor Ramirez : Born in Acapulco, “Vicious” is currently the Banquet Supervisor at Maggiano’s Little Italy.  The 25 year old boxer also participated in CFN 10.  As far as CFN 12, Ramirez said this, “I’m planning on finishing the fight pretty fast so I can enjoy the rest of night.”

Greame “The Kitchen” Wicks: Wicks is 28 years old and is currently working as an Engineer.  He wrestled in high school and has also previously practiced karate.  Originally from Louisville, KY, “The Kitchen” will be making is boxing debut on October 21.  “We’ll find out if I can take him,” said Wicks when asked about his opponent Ramirez.

“Money” Mike Green:  Originally from Philly, Money trained at the same gym as Bernard Hopkins Jr.  He currently serves as a Community Developer in the Atlanta area and also works for the Atlanta Mayor (on the campaign side).  “I want to spend more time boxing in order to use the sport as a way to teach kids in my community about life the way my coach taught me,” said Green at the press conference.

Jasmin Hodivic:  Hodivic was unable to attend the press conference. AtlantaFights.com will try to get more information on him shortly.  He’ll be fighting at 165 lbs and will be taking on “Money” Mike Green.

Brian “Battalion Stallion” Mize:  Mize is an IT Professional and Army Chaplain who is 47 years of age. He’s been watching boxing since he was a kid and that inspired him to pick up the gloves.  “This is a chance to raise money for a cause that matters, while also drawing attention to the Soldiers that I work with and their daily struggles,” Mize says.

Troy “Muddy Waters” Von Otnott: “Muddy Waters” is a clean energy developer originally from New Orleans.  The 50 year old, formerly in the military,  says “I enjoy competitive sports and I want to raise money for charity:water.”  As for his opponent (Brian Mize), an officer in the Army, Von Otnott says this, “Officers used to boss me around now I get to punch them in the face.”

Gregg “The Brick” Brickman:  “The Brick” is the Executive Chef at Hooters of America based in Atlanta.  The 45 year old fighter says this, “I wanted a challenge.  I needed to get back into shape, and to push myself.  I thought ACFN was a great cause and a good way to get involved.”  When asked about his technique at the press conference, Brickman said, “I’m like lighting.”  He also mentioned that Hooters Girls will be the designated Ring Card Girls for the event.  Nice!

Ed “The Rainmaker” McAlexander:  “The Rainmaker” is the owner of a staffing company that specializes in accounting and finance professionals.  When asked about his opponent (Gregg Brickman) the 41 year old said this, “He’s a big guy. I’m gonna make it rain.”

Geoffrey “Rock em” Robbins:  Robbins is the Director of Phoenix-Fidels Foundation, an organization that focuses on family wellness programs.  CFN 12 will be his fourth CFN event.  He’s currently 1-2. Asked about why he does it, the 49 year old “Rock em” says “it’s just fun”.

“Austell” Todd Sentell:  Sentell heads the Career Prep Program at Cumberland Academy of Georgia in Sandy Springs.  “Austell” is 55 years old and said this about his willingness to fight, “Because that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Ashton “Smashed-In” Lane:  Lane, a professional skydiver, has been boxing for about a year.  The 26 year old Atlanta native said this about why she jumped into the ring, “I fell in love with it. When Terri mentioned ACFN, I couldn’t say no!”

Kwazi “Hurricane” Jahde:  Originally from South Africa, Jahde is from Alpharetta and is currently an Event Planner. At the press conference she said this about why she loves boxing, “I was sold on the sport when I saw Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

Anthony “Black Simba” Wakasiaka:  A media manager, Wakasiaka is originally from Kenya.  He’s 26 years old and says he has previous experience in boxing and kickboxing.  When asked what to expect from CFN 12, “Black Simba” said “everybody goes up but somebody comes down on Oct 21.”

Jeremy “The Hurricane” Jones:  Jones is a 31 year old Risk Analyst.  From Duluth, “The Hurricane” says this about his Oct 21 foe, “he’s gonna be a tough opponent.”

Barak Bright:  Bright is an Exhibit Consultant based out of Marietta.  He’s 29 years old and will be fighting in the heavyweight division.  “Terri charmed me into it,” Bright says about how he got involved with CFN.  “Lots of punches.  Knock some one out or get knocked out” is how Bright described what will happen in his fight against Jordan Chappman.

Jordan Chappman:  Chappman was unable to attend the press conference. AtlantaFights.com will try to get more information on him shortly.  He’ll be fighting at heavyweight and will be taking on Barak Bright.

Manny Barajas: Raised in Woodstock, Barajas was born in Tijuana, Mexico. The 26 year old is a Software Engineer.  He came from a family of boxers and that is what inspired him to get into the sport.  “My grandfather was a boxer in Mexico and that really inspired me to pursue the sport of boxing,” said Barajas.

“Stone Cold” Stephen Norris: Norris is based out of Atlanta and is currently in Hospitality Sales.  He was inspired to be a boxer by Roy Jones Jr.  When asked about how tall his opponent (Barajas) was, The 29 year old “Stone Cold” said this, “the bigger they are the harder they fall.”

Sammy “The Bull” Herman:  “The Bull” is 40 years old and currently lives in Atlanta.  Herman, who’s occupation is in Sales, said this about boxing, “I love the sweet science.  This is my retirement bout.”

Niko “Spartan” Poulopoulos:  “Spartan” is originally from Athens, Greece and is currently a Jet Engine Tech.  The 43 year old said this about CFN, “It’s an amateur fight with the look and feel of a world-class event, and a great cause!”

Gary “The Million Dollar Man Continental G Richard” McGowan:  A Software Developer originally from Brooklyn, NY, McGowan says this about fighting, “I always wanted to box. I like the big crowds.”  The 36 year old fights out of Buckhead Fight Club.

Hudson “Lights Out” Woody:  Woody is currently a Sales Rep at FAE.     The 21 year old is based out of Atlanta. “What got me into boxing was god himself,” said “Lights Out” regarding his inspiration to step into the ring.  “I couldn’t be more happy to be in this event,” Woody said of CFN 12.


Fight Card:

  • Main Event: V. Anthony Johnson vs. TBD
  • Co-Main Event: Roberto “Chino” Escalante vs TBD
  • Co-Main Event: “Vicious” Victor Ramirez vs Greame “The Kitchen” Wicks
  • “Money” Mike Green vs Jasmin Hodivic
  • Brian “Battalion Stallion” Mize vs Troy “Mudd Waters” Von Otnott
  • Gregg “The Brick” Brickman vs Ed “The Rainmaker” McAlexander
  • Geoffrey “Rock em” Robbins vs “Austell” Todd Sentell
  • Ashton “Smashed-In” Lane vs Kwazi “Hurricane” Jahde
  • Anthony “Black Simba” Wakasiaka vs Jeremy “The Hurricane” Jones
  • Barak Bright vs Jordan Chappman
  • Manny Barajas vs “Stone Cold” Stephen Norris
  • Sammy “The Bull” Herman vs Niko “Spartan” Poulopoulos
  • Gary “The Million Dollar Man Continental G Richard” McGowan vs Hudson “Lights Out” Woody