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Forrest Griffin, UFC HOFer and former LHW champ, is a UGA Graduate.

Want to know which home-grown MMA talent has fought on the big stage?  Here’s a list of ATL-area fighters that made it to some of the biggest MMA promotions in the world.  HOFers and belt champs are among the fighters that  got their start in the ATL.

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Fighter Organization ATL-Area Gym Affiliation Born in GA? Notes
Anthony Johnson Current UFC None Dublin, GA Went to West Laurens High School, in Dexter, GA
Brian Houston Former UFC None Riverdale, Ga
Byron Bloodworth Former UFC Iron Clutch Fitness No
Cale Yarbrough Former UFC The Hardcore Gym Marietta, GA Went to Wheeler High and attends UGA
Clay Harvison Former UFC (TUF 13) & Bellator Iron Clutch Fitness Atlanta, GA
Clint Hester Former UFC (TUF 17) X3 Sports Atlanta, GA
Dave Vitkay Former Bellator Knuckle Up Fitness No
Dhiego Lima Former UFC & Bellator ATT Atlanta No
Diego Saraiva Former UFC & Bellator Saraiva MMA No
Douglas Lima Current Bellator (Former Welterweight champ) ATT Atlanta No
Forrest Griffin Former UFC (UFC HOF) Hardcore Gym No High School in Evans, GA. Graduated from UGA
Herschel Walker Former Strikeforce Wrightsville, GA Heisman trophy winner from UGA
Jerrid Burke Former Bellator Hardcore Gym -
Joe Elmore Former Bellator X3 Sports No
John Cofer Former UFC (TUF 15) Hardcore Gym Savanah, GA
Junior Assuncao Former UFC Ascension MMA No
Muslin Corbbrey Former WEC & EliteXC Champions Training Center - Georgia MMA Fighters HOF
Rafael Assuncao Current UFC, Former WEC Ascension MMA No
Roan Carneiro Current UFC ATT Atlanta (Head Coach) No
Stephen Unchurch Former Bellator Knuckle Up Fitness - Graduated from UGA
Ururhay Rodrigues Junior Former Bellator Defkon 1 Fighting & Fitness -
William Kuhn Former Bellator X3 Sports -
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